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Sapele Body w/ Matte Finish



** Sapele Body w/ Matte Finish*:This Ukulele is made of premium sapele wood,which can perfectly balance the treble,mid-range and bass,delivers clear and crisp tone.
** Finger-Friendly Nylon Strings*:High-quality nylon strings make bright and clear sounds,and you can easily adjust the tightness of strings by tuning pegs. At the same time,it will not hurt your fingers much even practice for a long time.
**15 Brass Frets*:15 Brass frets that are all properly seated and well finished with white dot inlays at 5th,7th,10th,12th and 15th frets on top of fingerboard.
** Exquisite Workmanship*:The Ukulele enjoys a graceful curve of the box and slim waist. Selected wooden fingerboard & bridge offers both sturdy construct and smooth touch that you can roll over the frets freely on the strings whether playing chords or single notes.
** For beginner & Amateur*:Ukulele is a four-stringed plucked instrument in Hawaii,which is easy to learn,suitable for adults and children,cute and nice to learn,but also to stimulate the potential of rhythm instruments.


Product Type: Ukulele
Material: sapele(body), rosewood(fingerboard and bridge), nylon(strings), ABS(nuts)
Color: Black
Size: 21 Inch
Finishing: matte finish (body), cupronickel finish (frets)
Item Size: 53.3×18×6cm/20.98×7.1×2.4in
Item Weight: 382g/0.84lbs
*Package Lists*:

1×21 Inch Sapele Ukulele

21 inch Ukulele 4 Strings Hawaiian Guitar For Kids Adults Beginners

SKU: D0102HSJW3W-Wooden
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