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- Child-Friendly -   This 3pcs Kids Drum Set consists of 3 drums and a stool in a child-friendly   size and simple design; offering a great way for kids to develop their   musical abilities; eye-hand coordination and motor skills from a young age;   encouraging them to enjoy musical fun at home without spending too much time   with electronic gadgets    

- High Quality & Lound Sound - Features   durable drums and drumsticks made of maple compound board for a long service   life even with frequent usage; along with a deep-sounding bass drum equipped   with a pedal for loud and clear sounds    

- Stable Stool - Comes with a throne stool   with attached non-skid rubber feet for exceptional safety and stability;   preventing skidding or toppling over when in use    

- Easy to Install - Comes with all required   installation accessories; allowing you to install it via DIY and get ready to   rock within minutes; allowing usage in different places    

- Full Set - Comes complete with 2 toms; 1   bass drum; 1 cymbal; 1 pair of drumsticks for kids and 1 pair for adults; a   throne stool; a pedal and 1 set of installation accessories; allowing parents   and kids aged 3 and above to have fun and play together    


- Bass Drum   Size(Dia.xThickness): 12" x 10" (30.5 x 25.4 cm)    

- Tom Drum Size(Dia.xThickness): 8" x   5 1/2" (20.3 x 14 cm); 8" x 5" (20.3 x 12.7 cm)    

- Tom Drum Holder Tube Diameter: 5/16"   (8 mm)    

- Cymbal Diameter: 8" (20.3 cm)    

- Stool Size(Dia. x Height): 9 1/16" x   12 5/8" (23 x 32 cm)    

- Drum Material: Maple Compound Board &   PVC    

- Drumsticks Material: Maple Compound Board    

- Frame Surface Treatment: Electroplating    

- Color: Blue    

- Net Weight: 15.9 Lbs (7.2 kg)    

Package Contents:

- 1 Set of 3pcs Kid   Drums    

- 1x Cymbal    

- 1 Pair of Drumsticks for Kids    

- 1 Pair of Drumsticks for Adults    

- 1 Set of Installation Accessories    

- 1x Pedal    

- 1x Stool    

- 1x Manual    


Notes: Attention: Ebay MAP:$95.9; Other platform MAP: $95.9.


SKU: D0102HII5F7-As Picture
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