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Product Description POP FILTER


5 Core 6-inch Microphone Wind Pop Filter

Essential item for home or studio sound recording speaking or singing; etc.

Protect your microphone from surplus spit caused by over eager performers. It can also protect the microphone from the accumulation of saliva.

Double Layer: The first screen blocks air blasts as any pop filter normally would; The gap in between then disperses any remaining air pressure; then it passes the second screen; the blast is easily contained to produce great quality recordings.

Friendly Tip: The best effect between the sound source; the pop filter and the microphone are 4 inches.

The screen material is denser.
The plastic casing from mechanical suture to ultrasonic suture
To increase the stability of the eject filter; we widened the width and length of the base
We have increased the hardness of the 360° adjustable gooseneck of the pop-filter to meet the customer's need to hold it in place.


Professional Microphone Pop Filter Shield Compatible Dual Layered Wind Pop Scree

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